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To achieve the highest standard of professionalism through our services.


To deliver excellence for our clients.

Value addition

To work towards continuous improvement and value addition for our clients


East West Global Consultancy aspires to be one of the most professional client oriented consultancy services’ provider through constant innovation and strategic partnerships, catering to companies working in diverse international environments.

About Us

Who are we? And how can we help you!

East West Global Consultancy is a Belgium and India based Consultancy Company committed in providing all business related services to Small & Medium Enterprise (SME’s) from Europe who are looking to establish their business and expand into the Indian market. Decades long industry and consultancy experience forms the basis of our activity. Our team includes people young and experienced alike from different fields. Coordination is handled by expert business and academic Partners. At EWGC we specialises in providing Management consultancy, Compliance Services, Human Resource Consultancy, Partner Advisory and Market Analysis for European SME. EWGC also provides specialised services to already established SME’s in India. All our services are delivered and implemented by our experienced and expert team, and through our trusted Partners.

  • Management consultancy
  • Compliance Services
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Partner Advisory and Market Analysis for European SME

Who are we

EWGC is a Business Consultant Company specializing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) working on European-Indian partnership projects, and providing consultancy services to European and Indian companies alike.

What do we do ?

We help you to focus on core competencies of your business by taking care of critical business processes. We strive to add value to your business. Our area of work includes Business Process Services, HR consultancy, Compliance Services, Staff training, Market Research and analysis, and IT services.

How do we work?

Upon first contact, we will seek to understand your Company’s needs through interaction, observation, requirement analysis, and industry requisite (comprehensive research). Based upon this first data gathering, we initiate research and come up with proposals. Solutions will be proposed to you, and further customized as per your additional recommendation and further mutual analysis. We then deliver and implement the agreed upon solutions, through our expert team and trusted Partners. EWGC offers continuous support to test the feasibility of the implemented solutions across your organization and work with you for constant improvement.

Our solutions

For European Companies

Any European company entering Indian market have to face a unique set of challenges. As your strategic partners we make our best effort to provide you the most suitable resolution to these challenges. With our experienced team present both in Europe and India, we provide 360 degree solutions for companies who want to invest and expand in the vast Indian market.
Whether you are completely new to the Indian market looking forward to start from scratch or you are already being in India but now wishing to expand, we have a team to help you with your needs. We will provide dedicated, customized and integrated consultancy solutions designed to address the possible challenges you encounter while investing in India.
Our highly professional experienced partners will guide you through all the processes with step by step problem solving techniques.

We provide following services:

• Business Plan
We are present to assist you from the very beginning to develop your business plan, do the feasibility analysis and give you proper guidance to adapt. As your partner, we bring in the best management practice to your company.
• Market research and analysis
Our target is to drive growth for you. We offer in-depth market research to define the precise positioning of your products and services. We can provide sector-wise market studies to identify your potential clients and local suppliers.
• Partner advisory
EWGC will be your first partner to help you in the Indian market, and we are committed to find for you strategic business partners to fulfil your business objectives. Our experience in the Indian market qualifies us to identify potential partners.
• Marketing and promotion
o We know how to create recognition for your brand. By putting you in the right place at the right time we make sure that your brand and product gets the correct amount of exposure to the right target audience.
We help you to disseminate on social media platforms to reach wider audience.
• HR services
Let us find the right talent for you. Through the network of partners, EWGC can provide recruitment across variety of skill sets, as required. Additionally, EWGC provides employee training services for some specified skill sets.
• Compliance and legal advisory
There are regulations and guidelines in every field of function. Our team can take care of all your compliance and legal challenges to keep you free to work on core competencies.
The Indian Law being a complex matter, EWGC can help you find expert counsel on various local, national or specific business legislation.
• Cultural insights
It is very important to understand the local culture and custom to have the right approach in your functions. EWGC will provide you precise advice about how to position yourself within the right cultural context.

General Services

Management and Organization Efficiency.

• Business process improvement
Our experienced and dedicated team would provide you expertise and process designs to improve efficiency and maximise value. Our selective approach will be further customized to provide you with the most suited solution.

• Staff training
Get your team trained and acquire skills for the current and future challenges. We provide specialized training in management skills, organization efficiency, IT skills and process management. We will also train your staff to get familiar with new business processes thus reducing need for new employees.

• IT need analysis, solution and implementation
- Our IT team would analyse your organizations current and future IT needs and provide you with effective long term IT infrastructure and solutions.
- We would implement the IT solution throughout your organization and business processes, and provide you with tools to control them.
- We would also provide training to your staff to get acquainted with the new IT infrastructure.

• Budgeting
We provide financial solutions in form of auditing and budgeting. Keep your costs under control by proper planning and control.

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